The Charleston Draper

If you're looking for an amazing fine dining experience and The Charleston Draper is NOT on your radar, then you are missing out. The Charleston Draper is led by the amazing Chef Marco Silva who has been spreading his love of food for over 27 years, in 22 different restaurants, in 15 different countries!

The Bowen Adams Team was lucky enough to check out the restaurant and get a taste of their food during lunch hour. It was incredible! Be sure to check out the pictures down below of what we had when we visited. 

So What Makes It Special?

The Charleston Draper is a one of a kind type of restaurant. This isn't just a place that you come to eat good food and leave. This is a place where you want to have a special experience with the building, the food, the staff, and those you have come to eat with. The food is superb and you can tell that it is made with a special love and care that many restaurants can't match. 

Is the food for everyone? That depends. Are you someone who hates delicious food? Because if so this restaurant isn't for you. The food here will make your mouth water, and you wishing that you had the cooking skills of Chef Marco and his crew. There are so many amazing dishes on the menu that the most difficult part of your night will be choosing which one to feast on!

Make sure that you call and make your RSPV here 801-550-9348 or at The Charleston Draper!

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