Of all the job experiences I've had, I'm the most passionate about Real Estate. I'm not selling something that you can get for a little more or less next door, I'm supporting my clients in one of the biggest financial transactions of their life! I'm working to earn their trust, negotiate on their behalf and give them all the information involved in this huge transaction. Talk about a big responsibility! And I love it! I'm proud to say that I know I'm a good Realtor. My negotiating experience and the team I have backing me up keep my clients coming back. Happy clients are my success story. Before working in Real Estate I spent a lot of time in sales, mostly door to door, which gave me great practice and has attributed to my skills today. I also proudly served my country in the Navy, served a mission in Wisconsin and worked in law enforcement for 8 years. During all of these great experiences, a few things have remained true. I am dedicated to my family, I am passionate about my clients, who often become great friends, I love living in Utah, spending time outdoors, and love my dogs, Beezlee an Olde English Bulldogge and Sadie a yellow lab.

One of my favorite things to do is hang with my dogs. I've realized over the years that after working a good day, negotiating for my clients, managing emotions, & having immense excitement for being a part of dreams coming true, it's a nice treat to go home to man's best friend. Real Estate has allowed me to give back in ways I never thought possible. In 2015 I started a charity called Thanksgiving's Heroes. I wanted to have and share the opportunity to give to families in need. With the help of many volunteers and donations, we were able to feed families a full Thanksgiving meal with leftovers! We reached over 800 families that year. Without the help from family, friends, and clients, that wouldn't have been possible. I look forward to every future transaction and continuing on this path that has lead to happy new homeowners and the ability to give back.