I love helping people, I always have. It's also fun for me to create systems and know the ins and outs of whatever it is I'm doing. One of my favorite gifts is pens, paper, and sticky notes. So, client relations and keeping transactions together is perfect for me. Because it's fun for me, I'm really good at it. I enjoy doing it. During Real Estate transactions I am looking over every check box, every word, and little detail to make sure that my clients are knowledgeable and satisfied. I do all I can to ease the stress of buying or selling a home and my clients will tell you that they are glad I was on their side the whole time. I also work with a team that includes my husband Rob. I love being able to work with my husband. Real Estate can take a lot from your day. I always want to be there for my clients, so it's nice that Rob and I have that in common.

We show homes together some nights and it makes it feel less like work and more like fun. I love spending time with my clients and I'm grateful my husband gets to be there with me too. Together we support our clients with our different strengths. When I'm not doing Real Estate, I love to be with family and friends. I love entertaining at my home and being outside in beautiful Utah. I love hiking the gorgeous trails and camping whenever I can. Health and balance are something I strive for. After a good day of playing outside and getting fresh air, it's awesome getting back to supporting my clients through their Real Estate transaction. Having that balance in life gives me the power to really be there for whatever life brings to me. I'm grateful for all that I have and I'm excited to stay on this journey helping others make their home dreams come true.